Wanna DIY? Get The Ultimate DIY Bundle {for a limited time}!

Seventeen years ago, our family moved across the country, leaving behind a home we'd built--a home into which we'd brought a new baby girl, a home where I'd done some serious nesting--and moved into an old, drab, nondescript apartment. My husband returned to school (while working three jobs), I began homeschooling our 5th grade son (a new experience), and tried to keep up with that baby girl (who was now a quite independent 18-month-old). It was a tough time in many ways, but also a beautiful time, as the Lord had placed us right where we could flourish and grow the best.

Some of my favorite memories of that time involve creativity. My husband bartered services so my son could take art classes, and I think that may have nudged me to explore my own creative side that had been set aside for a season. Inspired by friends, art, and nature, I began to create things for our home on a very tight budget--sometimes on my own, often with the kids; sometimes more successfully than others, but always having fun.

I'm at the place again of wanting to get in touch with my creative/artistic side, but I'm not sure where to start. What I need--and maybe what you need--is for someone to pull together everything that I need to get started, to make it as easy and painless as possible.

Good news – when the Ultimate Bundles team created The Ultimate DIY Bundle, they had us in mind! The Ultimate DIY Bundle is our instant go-to library for a whole range of carefully curated DIY and crafting eBooks and eCourses.

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Disclosure: I have included affiliate links in this post. Read the fine print about this bundle and read the answers to frequently asked questions about the bundle.


Important news concerning me and Willow House

Dear friends,

Some of you know that my family is going through a period of transition. My husband and I have been involved in ministry work for many years in various capacities and we recently began a new season of ministry with 20schemes, a missions organization which is planting gospel churches in the most deprived areas of Scotland. I'm super excited and could say much about this, but instead I'll send you here, here, and here if you'd like to know more about that.

I'm sharing this with you to let you know that this transition has led me to step away from Willow House as of May 1 to focus on my family and this ministry we are pursuing. But don't worry -- I'm not just leaving you hanging out there! I have arranged for Pam Ledford to serve your Willow House needs. I've know Pam for more than ten years now; she was one of the first teammates I met when I joined Southern Living at Home (which later became Willow House) years ago. During that time, I've watched Pam's commitment to serve and encourage her customers and team in such a caring way. And I love the way she always has a smile on her face! Pam lives in Atlanta area and will be happy to do trunk shows and one-on-one meetings with you local ladies. For those of you outside of the greater Atlanta area, beginning May 1 you can shop Pam's online store to continue taking advantage of the decor liquidation sale as well as purchasing beautiful Sara Blaine jewelry from the comfort of your own home (she'll even help you host a virtual party for great hostess rewards, if you'd like).

Thank you for being a part of my Willow House business. I appreciate each and every one of you!


Sara Blaine sneak peek!

I'm amazed at the variety in the new Sara Blaine collections -- and that it's so easy to cross over and blend between collections! Check out this sneak preview of our Spring/Summer 2013 styles and let me know what you like. Oh, and turn up your speakers a bit to enjoy the chipper little song, too!

A few of these new styles have been pre-released to my Willow House store; the rest will be available April 1. In the meantime, here's a SALE to make your March happy!

And don't forget that the Willow House home & decor liquidation is on and prices continue to drop (everything is on sale)! Here's one of my favorite deals for this week -- our enameled cast iron Panini Grill & Press was originally $99.96, but is now just $20! It's in low stock, so act fast and check out the other great liquidation deals!

You can always order online, but I'm happy to help you with your order, as well. And I love to help my VIP Sara Blaine collectors get the most bling for their buck, so always contact me when placing your jewelry order when you can!


More Willow House weekly deal FAVES...

I'm loving this Willow House decor liquidation sale! I'm going to share a few more of my weekly deal faves with you this week...

First, isn't the Maribel Tabletop Clock just adorable? My daughter had been admiring this for quite a while, so it was one of her Christmas goodies. It's ten inches tall, a very nice height for a bookshelf, nightstand, or desktop. The vintage green color blends well with so many decors, and the styling is just classic. It's half-price at $20 this week.

Have you seen the Riverstone Stacking Platters? When I saw these in person at our first Willow House National Convention, I knew I had to have them. These are beautifully designed in a classic color palette with all the details a fine European dinnerware. I use these every chance I get; the rest of the time, they are a lovely addition to my china cabinet display. The set of three platters is just $30 this week (Riverstone place settings are on sale, as well). These platters coordinates well with our Eclipse Reversible Riser, also a current weekly deal.

Now I don't own this last product (because I already have two beautiful Willow House Olive Jars), but I've sold plenty of them. The Bountiful Urn is a statement piece and a half! Designed by Gail Pittman, this hand-painted piece stands alone just fine, or you can add branches or flowers to add height and even more style. Perfect on a mantle, hearth, china cabinet, side table... you name it! Just $13 while they last this week.

Don't forget about the other division of Willow House -- Sara Blaine Jewelry! Don't miss the great sale on bracelets thru the end of February -- 25% off! Only a couple of days left, so don't miss out!


Willow House Decor liquidation... some faves

I wanted to share some of my favorite products that are currently really discounted in the Willow House outlet. (Just a reminder, all decor items are currently being liquidated!)

 Just before Christmas, I purchased the Trellis Planter Holders set. Honestly, I had no idea what I would do with these -- they were just so pretty that I knew I'd find something (if my daughter didn't swipe them for her room first!). When we hosted a Christmas open house, I decided to put them in the guest bathroom. I filled the larger holder with rolled up washcloths and hand towels, and I was happy to see that a roll of toilet paper fit perfectly in the smaller holder. Beautiful and functional! The Trellis Planter Holders is currently just $5 for the set of 2. (By the way, they are metal and can be spray painted if you'd like a different look.)

 Aren't the little Avery Birdhouses just adorable? I've had several sets of these over the last couple of years and just keep giving them away! I love to tuck an encouraging note or a photo reminder of a special memory in little ring and sending it to someone special. Currently, I have one sitting on my kitchen window sill holding a sweet valentine my daughter made for me -- I can look at it every time I wash the dishes (which is often right now, as our dishwasher is on the fritz). The Avery Birdhouse Trio also makes great placemarkers for parties (and would be a great favor to send home with your guests). They also provide a cute way to label food for a buffet. Between parties, simply tuck them into a bookshelf or on a table to add a little fun to your decor. The Avery Birdhouse Trio is also currently $5.

 Can I just say that I think the Italian Stitch Ramekins are just perfect? I've had my ramekins for three or four years now and have used them for so many things. If I eat ice cream at home, my husband scoops it very generously for me... I've asked him to use an Italian Stitch Ramekin because it's the perfect serving size (without going overboard!). I also use them for pretty portions such as granola, trail mix, grapes, whatever! They work perfectly for serving condiments -- sauces, salsas, sprinkles -- for any buffet. And don't just limit them to the kitchen! I've had a couple on my desk with paper clips and binder clips. They'd be great in the bathroom for cotton balls and swabs -- you could even fill one with whole coffee beans and stand up your make-up brushes in it for some stylish organization! A set of two Italian Stitch Ramekins is currently just $5.50.

Isn't the Decorative Card and Photo Display such a pretty way to show off cards and photos? One thing I love about it is that it's actually two pieces! You can link them together to hang over a door, or you can separate them to hang side-by-side on a wall. Here's what I did: I've hung one section over my laundry-room door (it opens into the kitchen), where it was perfect to display Christmas cards and pictures. During the rest of the year, I post pretty notes, special photos, and little cards I've collected. The other half lives in my daughter's room as an inspiration board. It's a constantly evolving display of colors, patterns, and fancy handwriting practice there. Sometimes, she uses it as a jewelry display/organizer, hanging necklaces and earrings from it. The Decorative Card and Photo Display is currently just $15.00.

There are so many more deals to be had -- these are just a few of my favorites that I've been enjoying for a while. Be sure to check out our Weekly Deals -- they are updated each Monday morning (and the deals are so hot that some sell out quickly! To learn about the deals as they happen, be sure to follow my Willow House Facebook Page (I'm much better about updating it than this blog!)

And I can't leave without reminding you about the other division of Willow House -- Sara Blaine Jewelry! Don't miss the great sale on bracelets this month -- 25% off!


Amelia Deal!

Among all of the wonderful weekly deals going on (Feb 4-10, 2013), I'm especially loving the Amelia collection pieces. The Amelia Beaded Glass Trio is currently just $5.00 (reg. $27) and the matching Tray is only $10.00 (reg. $25).

These pieces are incredibly versatile. Because they are simply designed in glass, they fit well in any decor from classic to cottage to modern. And whether you opt to use these Amelia pieces for decorating, as serveware, or to organize a space, they can work well as a team or split up. You'll probably find yourself using them for different things in different seasons.

I love the wedding table decor in the upper right corner -- this was actually taken from a Willow House stylist's wedding!

Be sure to check back at the outlet for next week's weekly deals starting on Monday. And to keep up with all the deals, be sure to like my Willow House Facebook page and check to receive notifications!

Happy shopping!


Handcrafted jewelry, the Willow House way

I've written before about what makes Willow House Jewelry by Sara Blaine so special. Sara herself makes it very special -- designing a unique line of mixable collections just for Willow House customers, using higher end materials, and giving you heirloom quality collectibles that you'll be proud to wear, own, and pass down to the next generation. And all at prices that are significantly below retail.

But I didn't really get into the craftsmanship because, well, words just can't describe the hand-crafted intricacy that goes into the making of each and every piece. So if a picture is worth a thousand words, this video has got to be worth a million.

I'm just amazed every time I watch this. Each piece is specially made, especially for you. See all the collections online here. And let me know which are your favorite pieces in the comments below -- I'm always interested in hearing what's on your wishlist!